Revamp Your Yard With New Plants

Find beautiful landscaping plants in Sanford, FL

Add a pop to your landscape today with new flowers, bushes, and trees. Stand out from the rest of your neighbors in the Sanford, FL area by adding some landscape design to your lawn. Contacting Sarge's Landscaping today for all of your planting and gardening needs.
Why us? Turning average yards into one-of-a-kind landscapes is what Sarge's Landscaping does best.

Our green-thumbed landscaping contractor offers a variety of landscape installation services in Sanford, FL and the surrounding area.
You can depend on us to help you find beautiful plants that will look gorgeous and grow well in your yard.

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Add the right plants to your landscape

If you're ready to add new landscaping plants to your Sanford, FL yard, the pros at Sarge's Landscaping are prepared to help. Our landscape installation team is equipped to install a variety of plants, including small- to medium-sized trees, bushes and flowers. To make sure your landscape looks great for years to come, we warranty all of the plants we install.

Want to update the existing plants in your yard? No problem-we can redo your landscape and move your plants to fit the new design.

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