Professional stump grinding in Sanford, Longwood, Winter Park & Oviedo, FL

Like the Stump Was Never There

There's nothing more frustrating than a slowly deteriorating tree stump in your otherwise pristine yard.
The team at Sarge's Landscaping can remove that stump so no one will know it was there.

How does stump grinding work?

Stump removal is done through a process called stump grinding, which shreds the stump into mulch that can easily be removed. The team at Sarge's Landscaping will not only remove the tree stump, but get rid of your tree stump in one day.

We even offer follow up services for stump grinding and removal such as:

Removal of excess grinding chips
Lay fresh soil down
Premium sod installation

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professional stump removal in Sanforld, FL

Why do you need a professional stump removal?

It's important to have tree stumps removed by a professional rather than attempting to do it yourself. DIY stump removal can cause problems such as:

Cracked plumbing caused by leftover roots.
Safety hazards when splintered wood is left behind.
Unattractive destruction of your lawn.
Dangerous holes.

Hiring a stump removal professional will ensure that none of these problems occur. Your stump-free lawn will look fantastic.

Make an appointment with Sarge's Landscaping at 407-221-7407 for all of your stump grinding and stump removal needs in Sanford, FL area!