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Are Your Tree Limbs Touching Your Home?

Are Your Tree Limbs Touching Your Home?

Protect Your Home By Trimming Your Limbs

If a tree limb is scratching at your window or brushing the top of your roof, odds are you need to remove those limbs and fast! At first glance, limbs that hang low may seem harmless. However, when you mix a storm and low hanging limbs together, you end up with sever storm damage on your home and property.

It is important to take care of your trees by trimming limbs that maybe a danger to your Florida home. Contact Sarge's Landscaping today at 407-221-7407 to learn more about our trimming services in Sanford, Longwood & Winter Park, FL area.

Take Care Of Your Trees With Trimming & Pruning Services

While trimming your trees will help prevent storm damages and protect your home. You also need to remember the tree it's self! Keeping a tree healthy and alive is both beneficial for you and the tree! Getting your trees pruned or trimmed regularly helps eliminate any extra pest that like to feed on dead or damaged limbs and avoid the wood from rotting and becoming a dangerous eye sore.

If it's time for your tree to be trimmed, contact us today at 407-221-7407 . We provide professional tree services throughout Sanford, Longwood & Winter Park, Florida area.